Company overview

In 2013, I founded my own consulting firm, Starting Lane Strategy Group, to focus on marketing, technology, leadership, branding, data and analytics and customer decision journeys (CX). My efforts quickly succeeded as I established a roster of clients in multiple countries. Through Starting Lane, I was also able to spend considerable time with early-stage start-ups who were attempting to commercialize their ventures and secure capital. While I now focus full time on my leadership role with AGI, Starting Lane remains a place where I can chronicle learnings and insights and advocate for accelerating change toward digitally enabled customer-centric business models.

Starting Lane Strategy Group provides business-consulting services to early stage and high growth companies; global business development; and B2B & B2C marketing and technology consulting.

About David Postill

Frequently invited as a keynote speaker at major industry events, David Postill is an industry thought leader, author and expert on marketing and new technologies to increase demand and sales.

I am thrilled to be part of the senior leadership team at AGI today. We are advancing storage, handling & processing solutions that strengthen the global food supply chain.

David postill leadership CMO
David Postill
Senior Vice President Marketing & CX, AGI

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