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Today there are as many buzz words, catch phrases and definitions of what type of marketing you need as there are people doing marketing. Its confusing. From an academic point of view, marketing is still classically defined as a process or a set of actions that facilitate the sale of a good or a service.  And this definition is still completely relevant.  Yet as our society and economy has evolved through what can only be called a technological revolution – becoming more complex, faster paced and more diverse and demanding — marketing has fragmented into a mosaic of specialties that address these new realities.

Today when you think about your marketing needs you can opt for everything from social marketing, to global marketing to product marketing to industrial marketing to even the sub-specialties of digital marketing, engagement marketing and so on. But to be effective in marketing today requires insight. This is crucial – and not at all surprising. What is surprising is the range and depth of tools we now have to mine for insights. From usage & attitudes, to segmentation to conversion models to customer analytics, to digital diagnostics our ability to learn has become unlimited. However our time is not unlimited. And that’s where we can help. Using the latest customer experience and purchase-decision models at Starting Lane Strategy Group we help you focus on your customers and consumers and the influences and endorsers that drive sales in your category. We guide you through the disciplines of marketing so that you build marketing programs that are effective and take your business to the next level. Quickly and effectively. From the very beginning marketing was meant to get results. To enhance your business. With our help you will focus your resources and concentrate on the things that matter.

We provide business-consulting services to early stage and high growth companies; global business development; and B2B & B2C marketing and technology consulting.

Beyond marketing & insight

Instead of thinking about CX as something solely directed from the top down, we need to make sure we are gleaning valuable insights from the people who are the direct interface between the brand and our customers.

Marketing is the biggest purchaser of technology for many businesses today, outspending IT departments. Getting the tech right and keeping it current is mission critical.

When people ask for my take on what makes for a successful marketing function, I will always say people. It’s that simple. That is where you start and where you end.

About David Postill

Frequently invited as a keynote speaker at major industry events, David Postill is an industry thought leader, author and expert on marketing and new technologies to increase demand and sales.

I am thrilled to be part of the senior leadership team at AGI today. We are advancing storage, handling & processing solutions that strengthen the global food supply chain.

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David Postill
Senior Vice President Marketing & CX, AGI

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